The Untold Story of Flash, iPhone and Beyond

iPhone-Flash-Rumor-experience-matterIn a blog post, Walter Luh, co-founder of Ansca Mobile and a former employee of both Apple and Adobe, recounts how Apple once promoted Flash on the iPhone then changed its mind because Flash didn’t provide the optimal mobile user experience.

A lot of speculationopinionpassion and even war mongering surrounds Flash’s conspicuous absence from the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad.
…The real story is that Adobe’s sole purpose is the Flash-enabled web which is a euphemism for the Flash Platform (with a capital ‘P’). That is why Flash is the way it is today, for by definition, a platform must be one size fits all. It has to be the same across all devices. In the end, this makes Adobe’s job that much harder and also puts its goals at odds with Apple’s.

Why isn’t Flash on the iPhone? Corona Developer Blog has a great expectation (via).

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