Top 3 Audio And Video Playable Search


Most facebook music applications and other music/video services are using media search engines to get your favorite music/video link, which you can now play immediately inline, download, add to a playlist or share it with your friends…

these search engines are growing up from offering classic search results to more social media navigator application.

my top 3 playable search engines are today:
1. SkreemR Mp3 Search – currently index over 6 million mp3 files
2. SeeqPod Playable Search and Crawler – SeeqPod’s future of search is a system uses a biomimetic approach to discover
3. Tagoo – media search engine (new) – Tagoo’s widget called Tagoo Moody is a little embeded “radio” that plays music that is according to your mood… (it seems that tagoo uses skreemr api to resolve. but iam not quite sure.)

2 funny music mashups:

Bloc Party vs. Coldplay – Hunting For Witches…

Copycat – Knowing the Rhythm is Right (Nelly Furtado vs. ABBA vs. Sagi Rei)

nowadays we have 100+ online social media network apps and microblogging services, which offer integrated media search features of all.
e.g.: Rhapsody Digital Music Service (Real Network), (audioscrobbler), (Social Music Discovery, inTune.fmFacebook (Facebook), (microblogging fuzz), MyStrands, Pandora, Imeem and many others…